Protyping Service

We can prototype boards whether designed by us or from your own source with proven quality

Normally this would mean sending a PCB to a contract manufacturer, who would then produce a laser cut paste stencil and assemble the board when their production line has time to run your small number of boards, all taking extra time and higher assembly costs. Hand pasting the board (thus saving the stencil cost) can often lead to solder bridges and dry joints. It can be difficult and costly to get a proper reflow profile on a small run of boards which can also cause unreliable component loading.

Electronic Designs by SEBA offers a prototyping service that can alleviate these problems by hand soldering all components. Our high quality work is produced and checked with meticulous accuracy by our experienced staff at a lower cost for small runs than automated facilities can provide. We can organize the PCB prototypes and we carry an extensive range of basic stock, which can be both time consuming and expensive to organise.

Electronic Designs by SEBA can handle most packages ranging from 0402 resistor arrays to 0.4mm pitch TQFP’s through to the full range of through hole parts, and of course anything in between, if you have special parts or difficult assemblies just ask us and we’ll find a solution.



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