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Electronic Designs by SEBA specialises in turn-key electronic design. Located in Victoria, Australia, we offer high quality electronic design, prototyping and rework services

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SEBA 600 2kW / 4kW
Servo Drive

 SEBA 10A Motor Controller



2kW Servo Drive for position control of AC, Brushless DC (BLDC) and Brushed DC electric motors. Single phase and 3 phase AC / DC input. Very simple to setup and use in all Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and Servo applications.
Also available in 4KW model.
12—24V Variable Speed Motor Controller with brushed DC motor. Up to 10 amp output, motor speed up to 1000 rpm at 12V or 2000 rpm at 24V.

Versatile enough to suit many applications including revolving signage, motorized trolleys, power small lifting equipment and DIY projects.

Digital Encoder 12

The Encoder12 is a digital encoder designed for rotational encoding used in position control systems, brushless dc (BLDC) motor applications, servo drive systems and any other applications where absolute position is required.  






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