Electronic Design Service

If you have an idea Electronic Designs by SEBA has the solution. We have experience in a large range of designs including:

  • Microprocessor based controllers
  • Digital audio
  • Linux based touch panel control
  • Air conditioning
  • Motor control
  • Serial communications
  • Power conversion systems up to 200kW
  • Medical pain relief
  • Automation
  • Sensors
  • USB host controllers
  • ADSL power supply

We can take you right through the design process from concept to customer, providing as little or as much as your company needs to get the product finished. You can pick and chose what part of the design process you would like Electronic Designs by SEBA to take care of from our range of services which include:


All conversations, paper work and designs are kept confidential, with only your nominated people having access to any information.

Concept finalization

You have a concept but don’t know what options are available, what is possible and what isn’t cost effective. Often we find customers don’t realize how easy it can be to add a certain function to a concept or how costly some unneeded functions can be. When you bring a concept to the table Electronic Designs by SEBA give you experienced advice on how to take your project to the next level.

Circuit design

We design the circuit diagram with your priorities in mind, selecting components for their availability, cost and suitability to your design. Once designed, we go over the circuit with you to ensure that it will meet your needs.

PCB layout

Our experienced staff will lay the PCB out, keeping EMC and other standards required in mind.


We can prototype boards whether designed by us or form your own source with proven quality.


Electronic Designs by SEBA can get your finished product assembled and ready for sale. We have a good relationship with our component suppliers and can organize everything from procurement to final packaging.


All units produced by Electronic Designs by SEBA undergo full testing, but we also offer independent, unbiased testing of your own product.


All products designed or produced by us can also be serviced by us. We can also service those products that no one wants to touch, including out of date CNC machinery and products with hard to find components, this can be either on site or at our premises.


If you would like advice on any part of your product we can offer sound unbiased information, and we’re not afraid to let you know when we don’t have an answer for you.


Already have a functional product that wants some extra features or a part has become obsolete and needs replacement? Then we can provide the solution.

Standards Approval

Electronic Designs by SEBA can advise you on what standards you require and can organize Standards approval for your designs for both the Australian and export communities.



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